How to shift your potentially negative energy

 I thought I might share a process or a game with you that is taken from ask and it is given by Ester and Jerry Hicks , It is called the Rampage of Appreciation. This process is best used: When you want to parlay a good mood into an even better one
When you want to enhance your relationship with someone.
When you want to deliberately maintain or improve your current good feeling..When there is something in your line of sight that could potentially take you to a place of negtive direction, and you want to maintain control of your own vibration or emotional set point.
When your own thoughts, or words of someone you are with start off in a potentially negative direction and you want to be in control of the direction
When you are aware that you are experiencing negative emotions and you want to change the way you feel.
 This can be played in your mind or written on paper or out loud as you are just driving or standing in line at a grocery store. An example would be in a grocery store line let’s say the guy in the front of the line is sooo slow and you are starting to feel frustrated and uneasy…Change your thought by Looking around and finding something else to focus on that brings a better feeling. Like your favorite chocolate bar for sale on the shelf, yummy how good that would taste right now, Your emotions are raising then the next thought would be something  like you notice the little girl giggling in the cart how happy and cute she is  as you notice your feelings and emotions are  feeling more positive  go on and find and even better feeling thought such as the smell of the beautiful flowers for sale next to you,  keep this up for as long as you wish . before you know it you will be feeling great the potential negative situation has changed. We are in control of our reality we can make conscious choices of how things will affect us and by playing games such as this one we can train our minds to find the positive things in our lives to focus on and change our entire reality. Have fun making this game a new part of your life expierence.Here is another example of the game. You are driving in your car on the way to meet a friend for lunch, and another driver speeds past you and pulls right in front of you and cuts you off. You start to feel your anxiety raise you feel irritated and maybe even angry. This would be a good time to start intentionally directing your thoughts to something more positive. Like How beautiful the drive is the sun is out. Feel the breeze blowing in your hair. Another thought might be about how excited you are to meet your friend. Think of something you are excited to tell your friend about. Maybe switch gears totally and think of how happy your sweet little dog will be to see you when you return. How he always greats you at the gate full of love. The point of this game is to change your focal point. Refocus your attention to things that have a high vibration or more positive energy. It can make the difference in how your entire day goes.

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