18th Dec, 2016

Self Improvement

My hypnotherapy with Wendy allowed me to quickly resolve long standing blocks and fears acquired in childhood. After working on these for years, I was surprised how quickly I felt a healing and deep shift. I highly recommend her as a very supportive, gentle, kind, capable therapist. She will honor where you are at and provide a safe space for change and growth.

Jade A. Perry

22nd Nov, 2016

Self Image Hypnosis

My experience with Wendy was for improving my self image and weight loss. The processes she used with me let my mind and emotions shift greatly to a fresh perspective. Wendy is a good listener, as well as a compassionate leader in personal skills and suggestions. She helped me to unlock some strong resistances in my mind and figure out what my next steps were to continue my personal growth.

LaCrosse, Wi

31st Oct, 2016

Energy/ Balance

Wendy is a skilled and professional hypnotherapist as well as a warm and compassionate person. She will make you feel comfortable during sessions; she will also inspire you to believe that you CAN resolve whatever problem you are dealing with; best of all, she will help you get the results you need quickly.

I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Wendy and encourage you to book an appointment with her as soon as you can. Why suffer when you can end your struggle comfortably and quickly?”