Dealing with Shunning

I want to talk a little bit about shunning. I see many people dealing with shunning. So many of us have to deal with people we love, and thought were our friends not talking to us. On a feeling level often it makes us feel unloved, unvalued, sad. I am not by any means implying or saying what they are doing is acceptable in any way. We cannot control them or their actions only our own. We are capable of being in control of our own feelings. I do not know about you all however I refuse to live my life feeling sad, hurt, even angry. I made my choice to live my life as a non-Jehovah’s witness. We do have a choice. I am going to love life and live it to the fullest. In doing so I hope some of my shunners see the beauty in my life and my choice. So, that being said take a second and remember back to WHY they shun.   Not out of hate they are taught it is the only way to get their loved ones back, as well as save their own lives. Some of the anger and hurt that they display to us is the exact thing we are dealing with feelings of loss, feeling it is out of our control. They feel the same way. Now the question is how do we move forward as we try and cope with it rather than feeling resentment.I have found for myself that getting out and helping others or getting involved in things that give me the opportunity to meet new people and learn and see the world. It is a big beautiful place full of love and opportunities. However, we need to let go of the hurt and see it from another perspective in order to attract the life we all long for outside of that Religion. We must become happy find a new love for life moving away from situations that put us in the track of JW’s that creates those negative feelings as well as memories. I truly know and understand the pain some of you suffer from. My parents as well as my siblings are J W. My father just had open heart surgery. He is an elder. I was allowed at the hospital. My mom couldn’t have made it without me. However, once he was released everything went back to very minimal contact. It is hard in moments! Very hard and sad! however I have made the choice to   look at the entire situation as an opportunity to plant seeds for them to see my happiness. I truly encourage you all to look at it in the same way. keeping all comments on a positive note. Steering away from topics that will trigger negative reactions or questions.  Now is this easy? NO not always. I am sure we all want to continue living a happy life and in order to do so we must Acknowledge our lower moments of hurt and acknowledge that it is not ok that they say things or do things that hurt.  Just be sure and not stay in that sad place very long.  We all need to cry our tears and release the negative energy then pick ourselves up and make a conscious choice to do things to change your thoughts as well as feelings. You might try Journaling, meditating,  call a friend that will talk about things that are up lifting not just let you complain about your issue and keep you in that sad state that you are trying to move past.  Go for a walk, listen to positive affirmations, play music that makes you feel happy! If we stay focused on the fact that we are being mistreated or shunned or unloved we will only attract more of it. Do whatever it is that makes you feel better. It will only attract more of those better feeling thoughts and feelings.

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