It is time to take full control of your mind and your life! So you can finally heal your mind, body and heart.

​Take your life back by being in control of your own life and thought process, being healthier and enjoying prosperity. Allowing yourself to have a lot of money, loving relationships, a great job and the total freedom of joy, inner peace, respect and unconditional love for yourself! All guilt free as well as shame free. Guilt free, Shame free, what a concept? Sound too good to be true? Well I am living proof that it can be done. I was raised a Jehovah Witness. I never felt I could ever live up to all the standards that were set before me. I attended 5 meetings a week I went door to door anywhere from 60 to 90 hr. a month. I studied and prepared for each of those 5 meetings. I was not even 18 years of age. My options for life were to get married and be a submissive wife and raise our children. College was not an option. For me high school was not either, in my mind what was the point if I wasn’t going to use it. My choices were to either go door to door preaching god’s word or have a family and teach them to do the same.

I never felt like I could live up to all the expectations of what was set before me. My father was an elder (preacher) I was to be an example for all other young people. Don’t make a mistake the end is near. Don’t be caught with your guard down or you may not make it into the paradise earth. More guilt, a heavy heart. Shame welling up inside me for I knew I was not fitting into this mold or living up to my families expectations. Anger started to grow as years passed. I was eventually what is called disfellowshipped, excommunicated. I was not only disfellowshipped but divorced, my family was all JW’s so they were not allowed to speak to me. I was raised as a JW so all my friends were as well. We were not allowed to make friends outside our organization. I was full of anger and rage yet guilt that I couldn’t live up to all the standards and now I was alone with 3 young boys to raise. I knew I did not want my children to live with the guilt I lived with. Never feeling like they could live up to the expectations of an organization. I knew I didn’t want them to be filled with the anger and resentment that I was full of. I knew I had to find a new path.

My journey began. I tried other religious groups but it was all too very similar feeling for me. I did some self-help audio seminars that helped me realize that I had given all my power away by being angry with the Jehovah Witness organization. That is where the healing began. I wanted my power back I wanted to be confident so I could raise my 3 sons to be well adjusted young men. I knew I had a lot of internal work to do. Years of internal growth and struggle brought the law of attraction into my life. I read about it. I loved the idea yet I didn’t do much with it. The thought was always in my mind. Yet I was full of fear. Fear of anything new that was not part of the religion I was raised in. As time passed, with my children growing into young men, I knew I wanted a new career. I had spent 20 years in family home childcare so I could be home with my children and be a full time parent. I did quite a bit of research and came across life coaching. I loved the idea of helping others with similar situations make a much easier transition. Life was not meant to be an unhappy journey. I want to help you see by using the law of attraction in your life that you can release the guilt and move forward NOW with joy and abundance in your life.

If you shift within yourself and your thoughts it will free you to live guilt free, and abundantly happy. How do you truly want your future to look? How do you want it to feel? Full of guilt, shame, and anger and resentment for choosing to stay in a life that does not bring you any happiness. If you are feeling good then you are creating a future that is on track with your desires. If you are feeling bad then you are creating a future that is off track with your desires. Seize the moments when you are feeling good. Be aware that you are feeling good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you. I would love to show you how to shift your life to find more happiness, joy , abundance in your life. Loose the guilt and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.

I am offering one 30 min session with me to see how you can change your life and shift and be in control of your own destiny. Please fill out my contact page with a brief description on what your intention for our 30 min free session would be.