Love language # 2

Love language #2


I am not saying sitting in the same room on your phones.  In doing that the phone has your attention not your partner.

Quality time would be turning off your social media and electronic devices.

Looking at each other and actual talking.

Giving each other undivided attention.

This means taking a walk or going out for dinner and actually looking at each other and talking.

An essential aspect of Quality time Is togetherness.

This is not to be confused with proximity

I am not talking about just two people sitting in the same room. 

Togetherness has to do with focused attention.

This does not mean we have to spend our time gazing into each other’s eyes. It is doing something together and giving your full attention to your partner.

Not dividing your attention between the phone and your partner however actually engaging with one another.

Another essential aspect is quality conversation.

Just as the words of affirmation has many dialects so does the language of quality time.

One of the most common is that of quality conversations.

This would be you and your partner are sharing your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and desires in a friendly uninterrupted context.

Most individuals who complain that their partner does not talk to them are not speaking literally that they never speak a word

They mean they seldom participate in a sympathetic dialogue.

If your partners primary love language is quality time such dialogue is crucial to their emotional sense of being loved.

So to be clear there is a distinct difference from the first love language affirmations.

Words of affirmation focus on what we are saying.

Whereas quality conversations focus on what we are hearing,

So if I am sharing my love for you by means of quality time and

 we are going to spend that time in conversation that means I will focus on

 drawing you out, listening sympathetically to what you have to say.

I will ask questions in a manner that will help me genuinely understand your thoughts, feelings, desires.

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