Hospital Part 7

I sat down in this little tiny chapel room. I was trembling for fear he did not make it. A Chaplin came in and sat down in front of me took me by the hands as tears stream down my face he tells me they could not get the seizures to stop while in the ambulance.

They would let me see him when they got him stabilized. He had ripped out his IV and they had a very difficult time getting another one. They couldn’t get him to stop bleeding.

Someone would be in shortly to give me an update or bring me to him. I couldn’t tell you how long it was however it seemed like hours passed before someone finally came in. It was a DR. He said that they want to send him to a children’s hospital in Tacoma they are more equipped to handle situations with newborns.

He told me that Marry bridge children’s hospital had requested that they intubate him prior to transporting him. I agreed, he said that I could see him shortly before he was transported. He assured me he was stable. I could continue to wait in this little room. I was feeling a little relieved that he was stable. This time he wasn’t gone as long or at least time didn’t seem to stand still. The Dr. returned and again sat down in front of me and said there was a change in plans. He explained that they are not equipped to handle newborns and they were waiting for a pediatrician however they decided not to intubate him because he was fighting the tubes and it could cause more damage to force it than wait.

He was stable and breathing on his own so they would go ahead and let me see him then they would transport him. The Dr walked me down several hall ways to the emergency room where Xavier was. As I walked into the room, I instantly noticed blood all over. I was shocked he wasn’t injured I said this must be the wrong room I am Xavier’s mom. He took me by the hand and said they had trouble with his IV and couldn’t get him to stop bleeding. I had never seen so much blood. I am talking on the walls. I then approached the bed. Lots of blood. I honestly do not remember much of the next few minutes.  

The ambulance arrived to take him to Marry bridge and I walked out behind him I felt like I was watching a movie. I couldn’t believe this was happening . My friend had met me and my mother in the parking lot when we first arrived. She had left.

He agreed to drive me to Marry bridge hospital. The ride to the next hospital was quiet. I remember parking and I remember the walk up the long sidewalk. It was early spring, and they had just planted beautiful little flowers along the path. I remember stopping half way up and a knowingness coming over me…..

I remember grabbing my mouth and crying he is not going to ever see these beautiful flowers as tears flowed down my face. We were sent to the Pediatric ICU.

Again we were met at the door and taken into a room. A lady came in and said things are not looking good that St Peters hospital was asked to intubate him prior to transporting him because it is much more difficult if something happens and it needs to be done in route and they had complications during transporting him.

She was going to check on a few things and would let me know. I could not see him yet. Some time passed and she returned to tell me he was a very sick little boy he had a blood infection and they could not find an antibiotic fast enough to treat it.

He was not responding to the ones they had tried. They were running tests however they were out of time. She went on to explain how fast and serious infections take over such little bodies. There was no way I could have known. She explained that he most likely would not make it. They were sending him down for a brain scan. He had gone to long without oxygen during his transporting. They needed to know if he had any brain activity. I could see him only for a minute before he went down for the brain scan.  

Xavier Kyless Reid

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