Choices, Chances, Changes

Choices, Chances, Changes,

 As a former Jehovah’s witness we were programed to do and be a certain way. I had daily routines such as morning daily Text, Prayer before meals and other times. Back when I attended  I went to 5 meetings a week. I was expected to go door to door preaching. Some of you may have had similar expectations on you So, when you realize you have not been led down an honest path and the things you have been taught were false and you choose to change it is scary. It is difficult. It takes courage. Because now transition starts to take place, your feelings change, you’re thinking starts to change. You start to question things, everything seems to be outside the box sort of speak.Change is a necessary part of growth in all areas of life and it is uncomfortable at first however once you make the choice and you practice it a little it becomes normal or comfortable it can even feel successful.An example would be learning to drive a car. The first time you get behind the wheel you may be scared yet excited …. You may feel totally terrified…. Or, even extremely confident.Let’s go with the feelings of scared yet excited. So, you get in the car and drive a short distance a few times, you practice and practice so now you are feeling very confident. it’s time to move forward a little maybe go out on the freeway learn to pass other cars and change lanes. the first couple of times are scary, your whole life could be at stake. However you know it is part of learning to drive a car and in order to be a good confident driver you must do it and learn to do it and be confident so you practice, you find courage and the next thing you know you are driving everywhere and it is all just a natural part of the process. Some things you are more confident in than others. The things you do every time you get into the car just come naturally like putting the key in the ignition putting the car into gear.  The things you don’t do very often may take a little more practice so take a deep breath and give yourself some positive self-talk and proceed with success. For me when it comes to driving that would be parallel parking. I do not live in a big town and very seldom do I need or even have the opportunity to do it. So, when I have to It is scary. I know how…. I have …. I know I can however in the moment I do have to use positive self-talk.There is a lot of transition and change that comes when coming to the realization that being a Jehovah’s witness is not in your future or for you it would be a different controlled organization that you are coming from. At that very moment change and transformation begin to take place. It takes courage to move forward to make new friends, to change your life. It takes courage to reprogram yourself or even realize that is part of the process.  Right now, I want you to look at how courageous you are. You are here reading this that is courageous, that is part of transforming. You are learning and moving forward by choosing to find positive things to help you such as this article. You are taking steps to feed your mind in a positive way that will help you on whatever road you choose to travel. I encourage you to continue to find positive things to feed your mind. Continue to invest in yourself. It will help you to find the courage to move past things that may seem uncomfortable due to past programming.So, as we all continue our journey into creating and finding where we fit and want to be outside the walls, we once felt protected by there is a lot of change and transition. We are all transforming into who we were truly meant to be. It will take some practice and courage to change routines to become comfortable and confident. My goal is to help you transition and transform into the empowered person you are meant to be.

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