Frequently asked Questions:

What is a Law of Attraction life coach? (LOA)

A Law of attraction life coach helps others to achieve great relationships, health, and wealth (among other things) by harnessing universal energy and applying it to their personal goals.

How is a LOA Life coach different from a traditional coach?

LOA life coaches differ from traditional life coaches in that they place more importance on your thoughts and feelings. This is very important because they have such a deep effect on your energy vibration and this has a profound effect on what you eventually create. There is little value in exploring past issues that raise negative emotions for you and putting your conscious attention on them as this simply magnifies them and allows them to filter into your energy. For this reason, a LOA coach supports you in managing your vibrational energy by encouraging you and supporting you to develop better habits, release limiting beliefs, and identify areas where you may have resistance.

Does this course come from a religious point of view?

No, It has nothing to do with pushing another religious belief upon you. It is simply designed to help you to make the necessary changes on the topics. The things we do will apply to you regardless of the path you choose.

Is this an anti-Jehovah’s Witness course or any other religious belief?

No, this course is not intended to persuade you into any sort of belief system or religion. It is designed to give assistance to those whom have made a choice to find a new direction in which to go.

Still have questions?

No problem! I want to make life easier and joyful, I want you to make the best choice for you so you can transform your life. Please fill out the Contact form with your questions. I will get back to you within 48 hours!

I am very excited to work with you to help you transform your life and help you choose how to design it to fit exactly what your dreams are!