How do you handle the absence of annual rituals or events?

When you no longer are part of a religion or cult or an organization that had annual celebrations or rituals and it is that time of year how do you feel about it or deal with it? For example, I am an Ex-Jehovah’s witness and tonight they celebrate the death of Jesus.  

As A JW it was a huge deal for at least a month to prepare for this big event. We were to tell everyone invite all friends and family that were non-believers. We had special days and times to put forth much more effort to go door to door to recruit more people. It was called the memorial. Many people would only attend that event all year none others.

For some that was the unforgiveable thing to miss. For many who are no longer JW this could be a very triggering day. It could bring about many unwanted thoughts and emotions such as hurt and anger, guilt, memories good or bad. The question for me is if you are choosing to not take part in this event and it is triggering you or you can see that it might how can you prepare for it? This could also work for an old anniversary that you no longer celebrate or any day that you are just needing a pick me up. My suggestion would be to find ways to raise your energy or vibration.

There are many ways to do this. You might try doing something out doors such as a walk in the park. Being out in nature is a sure way to connect and ground with mother earth and raise your energy or vibrational frequency. Maybe plan a weekend camping trip, or a hike.  You may be saying that’s great however its way to cold out doors or for other reasons you may not be able to get outdoors.

There are may ways to raise your vibrations while being in doors as well. You may have pets try playing with your pets feel into how they soak up your love and can’t get enough of you petting them. That is them loving you in return. Maybe try turning on some music and playing a song that makes you want to get up and boogie. Yes, I mean dance. Listening to affirmations on you tube is another way to raise your vibes.  

The basics here is just shifting your thoughts. Find something else to focus your energy or attention on. That in turn will shift your feelings inside. What we focus our attention on becomes a reality according to the law of attraction.

That being said: what other things can we do to shift our energy? 

What about showing our selves some self-love by getting a massage, Reiki energy healing session, a long hot bath with some beautiful music of choice, maybe affirmations, a hypnotherapy session. There are so many different things to choose from the world is your oyster if you so choose to explore what it can offer you. I know from experience it is hard to let it go and move forward. However, I am 15 years in and I promise it gets easier as you fill your life with things you love and mean something to you.

In the beginning try new things. Find what resonates with you before you know it the day will have past and you will not have been none the wiser. Your energy will shift to more positive things. That is our goal in life is to leave this all behind much love to you all!

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