Fear? Does it have a place in our lives?

Today I thought I would talk to you about fear. Now I chose this topic because I heard something this week that I found inspiring and thought this would be a great place to share it. I was in a mindset meeting and our coach was talking about fear. How we can either allow it to take over and control us or we can take charge of it and use it when and where it serves our highest good. As an EX Jehovah’s witness everything was based off fear. We were taught to react to everything based off of the fear of death…the great tribulation and such. So, At first this kind of gave me an uneasy feeling. However, she went on to use the analogy of if we were afraid of everything all the time nothing would get done. How about driving a car? Now I am a very visual person so I loved this. Seriously visualize this.. FEAR has a place in every situation it is all about where we CHOOSE to allow it or put it. So while you drive your car would you want fear to be on your steering wheel? Well if you allowed that one of two things would most likely happen 1) You may be so scared you couldn’t even grip the wheel to start to drive or 2) you may end up in an accident so the appropriate place for fear would be where? Controlling the radio or holding the map? Out the window? Now stop and think if you drive around totally fearless do you think you could be a little reckless? If that was the case don’t you think there would be a greater chance of an accident? SO I am personally thinking the backseat with its mouth taped closed would be a comfortable place for fear. Close enough if I need it, I can choose to allow it to serve a good purpose however far enough away I do not let it disable me. As scary as it is to come out of being a Jehovah’s Witness or any other controlled religion or group we need to find and appropriate place to put fear. We don’t want to hold on to it like we were taught to or we will stay stuck with in that group, or right where we are. We also don’t want to throw it out the window or you may find yourself in some of those situations that the ex- group we may have been affiliated with would love to see us in so then they feel justified and we then question our choices of leaving when in fact they are not necessarily related. Fear defiantly has a place in our lives to keep us safe and moving forward in a happy and joyful way in all areas of our life. I am very excited this week to look at fear in a new light. I encourage you to join me. I want to encourage you to identify the ways fear holds YOU back. (That is scary in itself)  it truly is for some.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    Also lets look for and identify where maybe we are a little wreak less and could use some adjusting. Finally Identifying where you are using fear in a healthy way. It is very important to acknowledge your successes it helps keep you moving forward! I think I will start by Just saying I am here talking to you all about fear and well that is kind of scary. Just like you all here reading this… for some it is much scarier than others…Awesome job putting fear in its proper place that works to move us all in a forward direction and create happiness. When we do something that brings up fear and we put it in the back seat….Not throw it out the window…however keep it in perspective and move past it … That is when we GROW, we move forward, We allow ourselves to find the beauty in life and that my friends is a beautifully freeing feeling. I love writing these blogs and putting fear in its proper place and growing with you all…. that brings me so much Joy and happiness! I hope you all have a perfectly fearful day! 

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